Civilian Training

We know that this site may look aggressive and as such you may have formulated an opinion about who we are as people and instructors.  You’re probably way off on your estimation, but we are serious and passionate about what we do.

We make all of our courses fun, including military courses.  Part of being a well-grounded person, as well as a professional instructor, is creating an environment around YOU that in turn make it possible to bring about the best in others.  We are all a product of our respective environments.  Knowing this, we create a comfortable environment in which people can feel free to have fun and learn at the same time.

If you’re looking for an experience, anywhere in the world, that will change your life, read this section further and then contact us to schedule a phone or skype consultation.

Firstly, tracking in general is really easy.  There’s no mysticism to it, no Zen like state to be achieved, no plateau to ascend.  Don’t be misled in that regard.  Tracking is based purely on observation, inductive and deductive logic and natural awareness.  The answers are all on the ground, and once initiated, you’ll never look at the ground the same again.  Our goal is immersion into the environment, to become part of it, just like we teach it at the highest level of special operations.

We have a version of each of our programs, that is suitable for civilian attendance by anyone capable of walking in the natural environment and appreciate it. 

If you thought you appreciated nature before, you’ll never look at it again the same after learning the secrets that it holds.  To us, it is virtually impossible to appreciate nature and the natural environment, without being able to read it like a book; to know it and interpret it.  Nature’s ultimate interpretive kiosk is your mind.  All of our programs have Natural Awareness at their core.  Let’s start working on developing that interpretive kiosk of your mind and create a heightened awareness of your natural environment – fully appreciate it.

Our courses include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Land Navigation – Map and Compass
  • Natural Navigation – Sun, stars and nature’s cardinal signs
  • Bushcraft – The art of living in the bush.
  • Survival – This is what you do when the unexpected happens.
  • Tracking – Tracking is tracking, be it humans or animals. It is the behavior and movement that is different, not what shape, weight and pressure does to the ground.  Tracking animals is part of tracking humans successfully.
  • Force-on-Force MILSIM – Take MILSIM to the next level.
Seminars and Public Speaking:
  • Anti-Poaching
  • Environmental Crimes
  • Organized Crime on Public Lands
  • Tracking – Our tracking courses become much like a course on informal logic during their delivery. Tracking is a purely logical endeavor.  You’d be surprised at what you learn in our courses.  It will change the way you think, for the rest of your life.
  • Production Company Consultation – Having done industry work and television projects in the past, and the three we have on the way, position us on the inside, with a depth of knowledge to be taken advantage of. Others have, more frequent than you may think.
Please feel free to contact us for more information on our civilian offerings.

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