Like the RLEO and K9 concepts, this three day fusion course is centered on strategic and tactical interoperability.

This course is the RLEO Academy, without the Tactical Tracking instruction.  Any student trained in mantracking, via any vendor in the U.S. may attend the Fusion course.  This course assumes that the tracking piece has been well covered; now we’ll show you what to do with it.

Like our military students that have attended the Malaysian school prior to attending TTOS military training, we help put tracking into context, not a contextual vacuum.  The way, for example, the Malaysian’s teach tracking and its intended uses are vastly different from what we do here in the U.S. at TTOS.  The same can be said for K9 handlers who have attended generalist K9 handler training, wherein tracking or trailing were subjects of instruction.

This course, in essence, is a three day dismounted pursuit ops tactics course.  Our Apex tactics, which support the RLEO outcomes, are taught in this course.