Green SEAL

This course is focused on the small unit, sniper teams, State Department personnel, tactical air crews, civilian DoD personnel, contractors and anyone with a need to either reduce their signature within an area of operation (AO) or for the individual or unit that needs to evade capture for a short or long period of time or distance.  TTOS reserves the right to approve attendance on all RESTRICTED courses (North Star ARC, Escape and Evasion, UWCTC).

The five (5) day course starts at the point of escape, or the immediate necessity to evade within a formerly permissive, or wholly non-permissive environment.  Tools, techniques and methods of escape are not learned in this course (two days are added to the standard course in order to cover the escape portion, mechanical restrain defeat, lock circumvention, vehicle hot-wiring techniques, etc.)

TTOS has a long history of creating top tier trackers and tracking teams; and as such has set the standard to defeat.  Knowing what it takes to be in the top tier category makes it simple to teach it relatively quickly for broad understanding.  As owners of the top capability, we are the ones to also show attendees how to defeat the absolute best and successfully evade capture.  For the final field exercise, the instructors will be hunting you and your team, and incorporating indigenous forces (8 or more person G-Force of fighting age persons) and/or air assets with surveillance capability as a force multiplier.  If you can successfully evade our hunter force, you walk away with the confidence that you can beat the best, and as such have just taken the right steps in ensuring you and your team’s survivability.

Much like North STAR ARC, We do not publicize the curriculum and overall points within the program of instruction beyond what is stated here.  Please contact us for more information on this course, or any RESTRICTED course.