TTOS offers a three day K9 integration course. 

If you go to the RLEO Academy page and really read the contents and understand it all, you will naturally see where this course fits.  If a unit is to have tactical interoperability as a priority, then organic and non-organic assets need to understand not only the “why”, or the goals and objectives, they need to understand the “how” and their role within.

We have determined, through LE and Military deployments, missions, exercises, etc., that K9’s rotate at a ratio of 5:1 – five K9’s rotated per tracking team, per operational period (weather and terrain dependent).  There are much smarter ways to use your K9 advantage.  Our experienced SME’s (some of which are former K9 handlers) will help you identify tactics to be used with the big picture, and that 5:1 rotation ratio in mind.

Our SME’s have been on operations with K9 handlers prior to, and following this training (or any TTOS tracking course) and the difference is incredible.  A TTOS Tactical Tracking trained K9 handler and partner, are a force to be feared in austere environments.

Again, the core of this course draws heavily from our RLEO Academy learning outcomes, as well as instructor expertise, lessons learned and realistic objectives.

K9 and the handler, like trackers and tracking, are merely tools used in concert with many assets by the Incident Commander, toward the overall goals and objectives of the operation.  The common operating picture and tactical interoperability as a group of responders is critical.  Otherwise, you get multijurisdictional manhunts that run weeks longer than they should.