North America Strategic Reconnaissance and Austere Recovery Course (RESTRICTED)

The purpose and intent of North Star ARC (Pacific NW, Africa and the Philippines) is to train SOF in the art of the recovery of isolated personnel in austere conditions.  Personnel are classified as “isolated” when they become separated from their unit on the battlefield, contact is lost with units in non-permissive environments, aircraft are downed in non-permissive environments with survivors on E&E or EPA (including the demolition of the aircraft and on-board devices), sources or partisans in need of assisted EXFIL and contractors or any person employed by DOD that go missing.  The PR tasks are to be conducted by ODA’s in a manner that reduces their signature within the environment and as such, without being detected.

Few units are uniquely positioned to fulfill the role of immediate and/or deliberate PR tasks and missions, given the additional knowledge, skills and ability provided through ARC.  With a full-time world-wide presence of Special Forces, they are often the closest, most well trained and versatile unit to be called upon when a PR mission in austere conditions is necessary.  Austere means mountainous, alpine, sub-alpine, heavily forested or jungle and all non-permissive in nature.

The Tactical Tracking Operations School has built a course specific to austere PR and CSAR. 
The course is entitled North Star ARC (North America Strategic Reconnaissance and Austere Recovery Course), with three training areas North America, Africa and Pacific.  The north facility is located at Camp Jedburgh (North Olympic Peninsula 75 miles from JBLM), Malawi or CAR and the pacific on Luzon, Phil (southeast of Subic Bay).  The north facility has thousands of mountainous and heavily forested acres with access to 9.2 million more acres.  The areas in Africa move, as necessary, due to local activity.  The Pacific facility has almost 10,000 acres of jungle, with another 50,000 available.  Both facilities are complete with lodging, classrooms, secure facilities, ranges, role players, etc.

The Tactical Tracking Operations School has been in existence for more than 20 years. 
We have volumes of past performance with SOCOM, WARCOM, JSOC, MARSOC and myriad of conventional forces within the Army, Marine Corps and Air Force.   TTOS is the premier provider within our areas of expertise and the only company authorized to issue Army certificates of completion for Combat Tracker 1, 2 and 3 (counter-IED).  The skills acquired in ARC compliment and support UW operations, COIN, Strategic/Special Reconnaissance, Combat Tracking, Counter IED and PR/CSAR and DA missions.

Much like the Escape and Evasion Course, we do not publicize the curriculum and overall points within the program of instruction beyond what is stated here.  Please contact us for more information on this course, or any RESTRICTED course.