Train The Trainer (CT4)

As seen here, TTOS programs and instruction by our subject matter experts has resulted in many students taking the next step toward mastery of the skill – teaching it.  Gold standard adult learning concepts tell us that the quickest path toward mastery of a skill is to teach it, which is why instructors use “teach-backs” as a learning tool.

Since our “Legacy” programs (1994-2012) were such a great vehicle for students to become instructors from, this is the same program attendees of our trainer courses will take home with them.  Each attendee of our trainer courses can act as unit trainers for their respective organizations and take with them an entire instructional package, including our legacy programs of instruction.

The CT4 Progression

  • Each TTOS CT4 student will have to complete, or will have to have completed our legacy Combat Tracker or Tactical Tracker, and have also completed course work and self-study for a short period following. This time allows for early learning to become solidified and individual expertise in tracking attained.  If you have attended training from any of the instructors listed (which are TTOS legacy programs) you may be allowed to come straight into the CT4 program, with minimal work ahead of time.
  • Each TTOS CT4 student will be required to attend the course in its entirety (5 days/50-60 hours). Upon successful completion of the course, the new instructor will be certified by our SME’s as instructors.  Each new instructor under the T3 program will be capable of creating a program of instruction for their unit (military), with our Legacy materials.
  • TTOS CT4 students who successfully become instructors will be required to recertify every three years, at minimal cost.
  • Our TTOS CT4 path gives program ownership to each unit choosing to take advantage of it.

Please contact us for more information regarding our Train the Trainer, CT4 and T5 programs.  This course can be run and attended at any TTOS training location worldwide, or direct to you at your unit or agency.

*USMC Combat Hunter does not qualify as “legacy”.  Combat Hunter was a custom course built for the USMC, the Combat Tracking piece of which is not 40+ hours in length.  However, if you are a Combat Hunter Instructor, you may pre-qualify to become a TTOS CT4 instructor.  Contact us for more information.