Pacific NW Training Facility, Camp Jedburgh

– Military, LE, Gov. and Civilian Courses

Camp Jedburgh is located on the North Olympic Peninsula, comprised of training areas (private) throughout Clallam and Jefferson Counties.  With access to a 3,000 square foot bunkhouse within an established training area, we can easily house an 8-16 person course.  We can accommodate more, of course, but additional lodging considerations will have to be made.

In the spring and summer, Camp Jed is about as close as you can get to a “jungle” environment in the PNW.  Camp Jed is also the venue for a new course release – Long Range Pursuit (LRP).  LRP is an advanced course incorporating operational bushcraft into the duration of the pursuit operation and escape and evasion – eight days of it, no resupply.

In the late summer, fall and winter months, the training areas are in a location in which significantly less rain falls.  If it’s raining at JBLM, odds are it’s not at Camp Jedburgh.  The main training areas are in a location known as the “Banana Belt of the PNW” getting an average of 330 days of sun (full/partial) annually.