Past Performance

TTOS has an established an excellent past performance record of supporting DoD, and other domestic and foreign government contract requirements.

TTOS has been conducting training for DOD, DOJ and LEA personnel since 1994. TTOS has executed hundreds of small and large contracts and trained over 4,000 military personnel since its inception.

The Tactical Tracking Operations School delivers the best and most complete Tactical Tracking, Combat Tracking and Anti-Poaching Unit training available. TTOS is the leading provider of tactical and technical training programs to governments, law enforcement agencies and the military. It was the first company to offer such services and remains the premier source today.

TTOS is the only organization to provide specialized training in Combat Tracking, Tactical Tracking, Man-Hunting and other related disciplines to all branches of the US armed forces, state, local, tribal and federal law enforcement as well as Search and Rescue organizations.

TTOS is the trainer of choice for elite law enforcement and military units around the world, including American Special Operations Forces of all branches.

TTOS is the trainer of choice for elite law enforcement and military units around the world, including American Special Operations Forces of all branches.

TTOS provides training through Chengeta Wildlife at well under its usual rate, in recognition of the value of our mission to wildlife and communities, as well as our charitable status. This allows us to deliver world-class training to even more rangers, at a cost that no other organization can match and at a level of expertise available exclusively through the Chengeta Wildlife-TTOS partnership. As an organization, TTOS has deep roots in Africa, as does Chengeta Wildlife.

TTOS is an organization that, through the expertise of its experts, has produced more students-turned-instructors than any other provider of tracking and irregular warfare programs.

The ultimate goal is to create through our courses the competencies, skills, knowledge and abilities to enable students/units to maintain, through their own expertise, their capabilities whilst sustaining and then growing their expertise and overall effectiveness.

Over the past four (4) years TTOS has expanded its capabilities and now offers variety of Tactical Training Options and Solutions to its clients. TTOS offer clients a variety of visual and technical based tracking courses to enhance manhunting operations, targeting of HVTs, network exploitation, border security/interdiction, rural law enforcement operation, and counter IED efforts. TTOS has also developed quite a reputation as a consulting company on border security for DoE/CBSP; C-IED and dismounted operations for JIEDDO; and of recent Discovery Channel International on tracking and manhunting operations.

Another example of how TTOS continues to demonstrate that it will be a leading tactical training company of the future is through Computer Based Training (CBT) and e-Learning platforms.

In FY 13 TTOS was awarded a contract to turn a complex military training course into a CBT and e-Learning product. TTOS has excelled in this area and has now established itself as a developer and provider of Computer Based Training and e-Learning for the U.S. Military. TTOS plans to expand its capabilities in this new emerging market area and start offering a variety of CBT and e-learning course to its clients.

View some of our experience below

U.S. Army

US Army Special Forces (All Groups), US Army Rangers, Ranger Reconnaissance Detachment, J.F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center, US Army Special Forces SERE School, Airborne, Scouts, LRS, Multi-Function Teams, EOD, Military Police, National Guard and Army Reserve.

U.S. Marine Corps

1st Recon Bn, 2cd Recon, 3rd Recon Bn, MARSOC, Engineers/Sappers, USMC Jungle Warfare Training Center, USMC Survival School, USMC Helicopter Squad, Marine Scout Snipers, ACO 1 Bn 3 Mar.

U.S. Navy

Navy SEALS, Navy SDVT-1, Navy EOD, Navy SERE School; US Coast Guard – Narcotics Interdiction Units.

U.S. Air Force

USAF Combat Controllers, USAF Para Rescue, USAF Survival School AFB Fairchild, USAF Air National Guard Pilots, Security Forces.

Allied Military Forces

Allied Military Forces – British SAS, Royal Marines, Dutch Royal Marines, Australian SAS, Philippine Army Scout Rangers, Korean National Police.