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Providing Tactical Training Options and Solutions to Military, Government, and Law Enforcement Agencies Since 1994


Beginning with our formation in 1994, The Tactical Tracking Operations School (TTOS) has been dedicated to bringing about the highest potential in human tactical performance, primarily in the areas of Combat and Tactical Tracking, HVT targeting, dismounted patrolling, and visual detection methods for Counter-IED applications. On a broader scale, TTOS has routinely provided clients with superior tactical training options and solutions suited to meet their immediate and future needs, not just visual tracking and detection programs of instruction.


TTOS is dedicated to the enduring superiority of our fighting forces.  Understanding that superiority is largely dependent on the quality and expertise behind the instruction and the content, context and continued development of our programs, we strive to develop from within first.  Looking inward and holding to our values causes us to recruit, develop and retain the best instructors in all disciplines.  We pride ourselves in the ability to effectively transfer our knowledge and working skill-sets, as subject matter experts, on to students, bringing about what the client expects - the transfer of training and effective learning, retention and replication of skill-sets and thereby owning them.


TTOS is the leading innovator and provider of Combat and Tactical Tracking Training in the United States today, and has been since 1994.  We have taken time-tested skills and abilities and pulled them into contemporary focus, allowing us to develop tactics, techniques and procedures superior to any other provider.  TTOS was the original in our field.  Since 1994 there has been only one to offer programs and instruction in the areas of Combat and Tactical Tracking - TTOS.  We teach tracking as a basis to attune to the battlefield and maximize the effectiveness and the survive-ability of the individual Operator, Marine and Soldier.  From this foundation of a mastery of the environment, we now offer advanced ISR courses, mountaineering, dismounted operations, Combat Search and Rescue, targeting science, High Environment Altitude Training, austere medicine and Tactical Hemorrhage Control.


TTOS has earned a solid reputation as a company that is dedicated to training our military, law enforcement and homeland security.  We ensure  that the satisfaction of the customer is always met; fully willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish this goal.  We pride ourselves in over-delivering and not only meeting, but exceeding the expectations of our customers.  Our past performance feedback is testament to the preceding statement.


Our success and solid reputation as a defense contracting company has enabled TTOS to expand its corporate capabilities by recruiting quality personnel and teaming with reputable companies to secure contracts and offer additional high-quality services to our clients.


TTOS is proud to announce that it now offers a variety of services beyond tactical training.  We know offer computer based training and e-learning solutions and development; consulting and program development; curriculum and POI development; program management and government contract support; and cooperate and civilian training.  Contact us directly for more information, current projects and past performance.


TTOS is an organization of unlimited capability and we treat and instruct each and every student within that mindset - each are capable of unlimited potential and we bring it out of them.


The Tactical Tracking Operations School - Celebrating 20 years of dedicated service to our military, law enforcement and homeland security - 1994-2014

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